Mercy Indonesia: Giving Back

Our Marketing Coordinator Brittani daCamara recently embarked on a journey
with 11 others to Bali, Indonesia to serve with Mercy Indonesia. Mercy
Indonesia is an organization that started in 2001 when an unwed mother
gave her three-day-old baby boy to Paulus and Marliesye Wiratno. A few
weeks later, another woman contacted them in hopes that they would care
for her child as well. As time went on more and more abandoned babies
were brought to the young couple’s home. Realizing there was a tremendous
need for orphan care in their community and country, Paulus and Marliesye
started a foundation called Mercy Indonesia.

Mercy Indonesia now has 13 orphanages and has started many churches throughout
Indonesia. From serving orphans to equipping church planters, the staff
at Mercy Indonesia is doing life-changing work. Brittani went into this
trip thinking she would spend time with the children, support them, and
encourage them but what she discovered was that the children supported
and encouraged her, changing her outlook on life. She explains how the
hearts of the children were so joyful. Even through all they had experienced
in their lives they still remain happy and praise Jesus for all He has
blessed them with. These kids were some of the most genuine and loving
individuals she had ever met.

When asked what her favorite part of the experience was, Brittani replied,
“the time with the children was definitely a memory I will never
forget, but our time with founder, Paulus Wiratno changed the trajectory
of our week. To hear the obstacles and many challenges Paulus and his
family have overcome to help these kids is nothing short of a miracle.
Paulus in such an inspiration and he has inspired me to dream bigger and
do more – to influence people with a more expansive vision. His
willingness to live selflessly so that others can come to know Christ
so that they may have a better life is nothing short of an inspiration
to us all.”

In the coming months, Jones & Swanson will be working to help support
the orphanages throughout the Mercy Indonesia organization. To learn more
about Mercy Indonesia, you can read Paulus’ story in a book he co-authored
called, “The Leper’s Lessons.” If you would like to
donate or learn more, please visit or email for more information about how you can make a difference in the lives
of these children!

Mercy Indonesia

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