Child Passenger Safety Week: Pregnant Mothers

Next week is Child Passenger Safety Week, so in continuation of our
car seat and booster seat safety tips, we are providing safety information for pregnant mothers. Seat belts
are imperative to provide protection for adults, children, and infants
in the event of a crash. But don’t forget about pregnant mothers
and their unborn children. Some people hold the false belief that seat
belt usage while pregnant can harm an unborn child. In fact, the opposite
is true – the most effective way to protect an unborn child in an
accident is to wear a seatbelt, according to doctors.

This misguided belief these dangers exist to pregnant women may stem from
a lack of education. There are, in fact, dangers associated with wearing
a seat belt
incorrectly while pregnant. The correct method of wearing a seat belt is away from
the neck, across the chest, and under the belly so that it’s across
the hips and pelvic bone. Avoid putting the seat belt behind the back,
or across the belly. While behind the wheel of a vehicle, pregnant mothers
should leave sufficient space between their bellies and the steering wheel,
while still being able to reach the pedals. Reclining too far can be dangerous
in the event of a crash as well.

A big misconception is that air bags are replacements for seat belts, and
that seat belts aren’t as necessary if a vehicle has airbags. That
is not true. A seat belt should be worn at all times, and the air bags
are structured not to replace seat belts – but work with them. Doctors
advise pregnant mothers to never turn off their air bags. Think of seat
belts and air bags working together as a team, with the best results when
both come together to do their jobs.

As always, if you find yourself injured in an automobile accident it is
important that you seek medical attention immediately following the crash.
It is possible that there are internal injuries or distress that are not
felt until well after an accident.

At Jones & Swanson, we care about your awareness and safety. We hope
that you never find yourself in an accident, but if you do we are available
to assist you any way we can. It can be an emotional and stressful time,
and seeking the proper legal counsel can assure that you and your loved
ones are protected. Call us at 770-427-5498 for a free consultation.

pregnant mother vehicle safety

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