Tips to Navigate Aggressive Drivers

It’s no secret that driving in Atlanta and its metro areas can cause
aggression, and it can be intimidating to be on the same road with such
drivers. Being late for work, long commutes, and simple eagerness are
just examples of things that cause aggressive driving. Unfortunately,
this type of driving causes many accidents each year, so we’ve compiled
a few reminders to keep in mind when driving in an aggressive area:

  • Maintain Concentration. It is easy to get distracted while driving, and it is equally as easy to
    cause an accident from such distractions. Phones, make-up, the radio,
    and other passengers are just a few examples of distractions that can
    be present in an automobile. Always be on alert for aggressive driving,
    and make the road your top priority not only for your safety – but
    for those around you as well.
  • Avoid speeding. We know this can sometimes seem impossible. That is especially true in
    Atlanta and its metro areas. However, speeding causes way too many accidents.
    Speed limits exist for a reason – and there are consequences when
    drivers choose to ignore the speed limit. It is also advisable to leave
    the fast lane open for faster, more aggressive drivers.
  • Do not tailgate. It can be easy to ride closely to the cars in front of us; especially
    if they are driving slowly. We sometimes feel that doing so may give the
    driver a sense of urgency to either get out of the way or speed up. However,
    it is important to always leave the proper space between vehicles. A tip
    to help avoid tailgating is to consider what would happen if the car in
    front of you were to slam on their brakes for any reason – are you
    far enough behind them to react in time? If you rear-end them, the fault
    will likely be yours.
  • Distance yourself from aggressive drivers. Atlanta is full of aggressive drivers, and it can sometimes be difficult
    to contain our inner “Hulk” when someone cuts us off or speeds
    by. But it is important to remain calm and understand that distancing
    yourself from an aggressive driver is the best thing to do for your own safety.
  • Don’t forget to signal. Atlanta interstates have several lanes of travel and vehicles are constantly
    changing lanes. But what if two cars decide to switch into the same lane
    at the same time? Without a blinker, such actions can lead to serious
    accidents. It is important to let everyone around you know of your intents
    when driving, and using signals is the simplest way to do so.
  • Keep your car free of clutter. While your vehicle doesn’t have to be spotless, a tidy vehicle is
    safer than the alternative. If a water bottle slides from the back floorboard
    up to the front and under the brake, this can lead to serious accidents.
    It also feels good to have a clean car, and can help remove tension that
    driving sometimes causes. So keep your car clean and enjoy the freedom
    of the road.
  • Be considerate. This is sometimes hard to do around aggressive drivers. But if someone
    is desperate to navigate into your lane, it’s much easier to let
    them over than to face the possible conflict of road rage. So when driving,
    always be polite to those around you.

Hopefully these tips will help you stay safe on the road. We understand
that automobile accidents cause great stress and frustration; and we are
here to help. If you or someone you know has been involved in a car accident,
please call Jones & Swanson at 770-427-5498 for a free consultation.

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