Drive Safely Work Week

At Jones & Swanson, we have represented many victims of crashes caused
by company drivers – so we’ve seen what these accidents can
mean first-hand. For that reason, we are promoting Drive Safely Work Week
this week (October 3-7) along with many other companies. This year’s
theme is “Drowsy, Distracted, or Focused… Your Decisions
Drive Your Safety”.

The Network Employers for Traffic Safety (NETS) is offering a free online
toolkit dedicated to keeping workers, and everyone else, safe while on
the road. Statistics show that a driver’s behavior contributes to
94% of all automobile accidents – so it can be argued that a majority
of crashes are preventable. The NETS reports that traffic accidents cost
employers over $47 billion over the course of a year, which is split between
on-the-job and off-the-job crashes. The campaign focuses on the following:

  • Understanding the importance of sleep, and it’s effect on our daily
  • Knowing the signs and dangers of drowsy driving
  • Identifying behaviors of driving that lead to the most accidents
  • Focusing on how dangerous the use of cell phones and other electronic devices
    are while driving
  • Stressing the need to slow down and to always wear a seatbelt

The free campaign offered by NETS encourages drivers to focus on their
actions both behind the wheel, and before they get behind the wheel. The
hope is that by taking a fresh look at driving habits, drivers’
chances of being involved in an accident will decrease. The NETS encourage
not just company drivers, but also all employees to download the toolkit,
which can be accessed at

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