Common Causes of 18-Wheeler Crashes

Driving near 18-wheelers can be very stressful and intimidating, especially
in areas that are heavily congested with the large trucks. The Southeast’s
highway system is full of tractor-trailer vehicles. Atlanta ranks as one
of the top cities in the U.S. for transfer truck traffic due to it being
a major connector and business hub. Because of the nature of the business
of 18-wheelers, they spend more time on the roads than other vehicles
– which means they are frequently involved in traffic accidents.
When they are involved in a crash, it can be especially devastating due
to the size, speed, and travel loads that trucks carry.

All car accidents are terrible, but those involving 18-wheelers are typically
more serious than others because of the size and weight variation of involved
vehicles. Big truck will always have a heavy presence on the road, so
it’s important to be conscious of them. Below are four common causes
of 18-wheeler related accidents:

1.Distracted driving. This is a concern for all drivers on the road, but automobile accidents
can be especially devastating when truck-drivers are distracted. Everyday
people are guilty of being on their cell phones, using other electronics,
and other reasons to take their eyes off the road. When 18-wheelers are
involved in such accidents, results can be especially destructive.

2.Irresponsible driving. This can result from unrealistic scheduling for truck drivers, or neglect
to the truck itself. Often times, truck driver are expected to drive for
many consecutive hours in order to meet delivery requirements, and it
can lead to driver exhaustion. Such results can often end in drivers being
too tired to drive, sometimes even falling asleep at the wheel.

3.Traffic violations. This is another that all drivers on the road are guilty of, but it can
often be much different for truck drivers. For example, if a car is tailing
another car that slams on their brakes very quickly, the driver that is
tailing may be able to brake quickly enough to avoid a collision. But
truck drivers are not able to brake as quickly, and accidents can be more
common as a result. The same goes for speeding. Many times, vehicles will
cut off 18-wheelers, or try to speed by them. But trucks may not be able
to stop as quickly or be as mobile as other vehicles. So minor traffic
violations can often result in extreme consequences when 18-wheelers are involved.

4.DUI. This doesn’t just go for alcohol, but also drugs. Even drugs that
are legally prescribed to a driver can lead to accidents. Many prescription
mediations warn against driving while using. Because driving takes up
a large part of truck drivers’ lives, this may not be realistic
and drivers will choose to operate their trucks while under the influence
of prescription drugs. It doesn’t make it acceptable, but it should
be known that day-to-day decisions when involving medication could often
lead to extreme consequences on the road. Regardless of the reason, anything
that impairs someone’s ability to operate vehicles takes the lives
of many every year.

If you or someone you know has been involved in an 18-wheeler related accident,
and you would like to know more about your legal options, contact Jones
& Swanson at 770-427-5498 for a free consultation. We’ll fight
for your justice.

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