Get Out and Vote

Georgia presidential election 2016

At Jones & Swanson, we work diligently to help clients exercise their
legal rights – so we feel strongly about the importance of our rights
as citizens of this country. The presidential election is just a few hours
away, and we would urge all Georgians to take their place at the polls tomorrow.

We are privileged to live in a democratic society in which our voices can
be heard. Voting goes far beyond the presidential election, as it also
has a strong impact on our own communities and government. Voting affects
issues such as healthcare, education, security, and more. Voting is not
only a privilege, but a responsibility that we have as U.S. citizens.
Many people have fought and sacrificed to allow us such an honor. The
electoral process is founded upon the idea of democracy – and while
many may feel it is flawed, choosing not to vote only cripples the process more.

Historically, voter turnout hasn’t been as high as it should be.
Fortunately, the 2008 presidential election reported the highest U.S.
voter involvement since 1968 – but more than 4 in 10 Americans 18
and older still did not participate.

Early voting ended on Friday, with more than 38% of Cobb County voters
participating. That’s 161,112 ballots that have already been cast
prior to official election day. This is a record-high number for Cobb
County, beating 2008’s early vote numbers. Across the state of Georgia,
2.38 million voters cast their ballots – again beating the 2008
numbers of 2.1 million. We hope these historically high turnout numbers
continue tomorrow.

Georgia residents can visit to view their voter registration status, poll locations, a sample ballot,
and more. Cobb County polls will be open from 7 AM until 7 PM Tuesday,
November 8.

The attorneys and staff members at Jones & Swanson take pride in fully
educating our clients in their legal claims. This education trickles into
the general legal system, so it is important that we each make our voices
heard so that we’re represented thoroughly and that lawmakers have
our best interests in mind. We encourage you to take the time tomorrow
to vote if you haven’t already. Make your voice heard!

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