Facebook Live and Distracted Driving

Technological advancements are credited for many of the safety improvements
in automobiles, but technology isn’t always a positive. The advancement
of mobile devices, such as cell phones, has created a new danger while
behind the wheel. Over the last few years, countless campaigns have been
created with a goal of lessening the use of mobile devices while behind
the wheel. While some may have worked, the dangers still exist. One of
the most recent technological advancements is that of live streaming.

Earlier this month, a twenty-year-old driver in Rhode Island was involved
in a serious automobile accident while streaming on Facebook Live. He
reached speeds of up to 118 mph and slammed into a garbage truck, causing
the driver to cross over three lanes and crash into the highway barrier.
The Facebook Live video showed him listening and singing to music, flipping
the camera back and forth between himself and the speedometer, and veering
in and out of lanes before hitting the truck. Fortunately, he survived
– but with serious injuries.

On Wednesday morning, two teenagers in Pennsylvania were involved in a
fatal car accident while they were streaming Facebook Live. The video
revealed bright lights of a tractor trailer before it crashed into the
back of their vehicle. The video also included the sound of screeching
tires and voices after the accident. While fault is yet to be determined
in the accident, the video is likely to be used as evidence.

The advancements in technology we’ve witnessed in recent years is
exciting, but can be chilling in situations like these. Live streams and
video footage may allow for a better understanding of what happens in
auto accidents, but it can also lead to distracted driving crashes.

Distractions don’t always serve as the direct cause of an accident,
but studies rank distracted driving high on the list of fatal accidents.
Distractions contribute to slower reaction times and leave drivers less-aware
of their surroundings. Cell phones, the radio, and passengers are just
a few examples of distractions that can cause accidents. Even if your
attention is not on the road for a second at most, that’s enough
time for a crash to occur.

Distractions can sometimes feel unavoidable while behind the wheel, but
it’s important to realize the extreme responsibilities that come
with operating a vehicle. No phone call, text, or social media post is
worth becoming a crash statistic. For more information on what constitutes
distracted driving, call our office or visit our website at awjlaw.com.

Facebook Live and Distracted Driving syndicated from http://lawpallp.tumblr.com


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