Georgia Firework Safety – New Year’s Eve Celebrations

As personal injury attorneys, safety on Georgia roadways tends to be one
of our highest priorities and concerns – simply because we work
with so many people affected by Georgia auto accidents. However, there
are many other types of injury cases we’ve been involved with over
the years. One type of injury many don’t often consider is that
of firework damage.

Fireworks were legalized in Georgia last year, but under certain restrictions
and regulations. For instance, you must be at least 18 to purchase fireworks
and individuals with drugs or alcohol in their system are restricted from
handling fireworks. Fireworks are intended to be used for celebrations,
and New Years can be a perfect time to do so. Legally, there are certain
times that fireworks can be ignited. On New Year’s, fireworks can
be used until 1 am. In addition, there are places in Georgia where fireworks
are banned. It is illegal to light fireworks within 100 yards of a hospital,
nursing home, prison, nuclear power plant, or gas station. And it is unsafe
to light fireworks near roadways.

Statistics reveal that younger individuals are more prone to firework injuries
than others. The risk of injury is more prevalent to the 0-4 and 10-14
age groups. Even fireworks deemed as playful can be dangerous. Sparklers
can burn as hot as 2,000 degrees and contribute to 79% of the injuries
to those under five years old. So even the simplest and seemingly most
innocent of fireworks poses a threat to users and those nearby.

From a personal injury lawsuit perspective, there are a variety of ways
one could seek damages following a firework accident. The first is product
liability, in which a claim might be brought against the manufacturer
of the firework if fault can be proven. Another might occur if someone
is harmed while on the property of another person who supplied the fireworks,
or even handled them and put on a show. Premise liability could be a factor
in this type of situation.

Regardless of the ties to personal injury lawsuits, Jones & Swanson
seeks to educate readers about possible safety concerns they might not
otherwise think of. Holidays such as New Years can involve celebrations
with firework shows, so if you’re involved in such a gathering make
sure to protect yourself and stay cautious. You never know when an accident
will happen.

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