The Honest Company Baby Powder Recall

Baby powder recall by The Honest CompanyOne of the trends in childcare today is to use all natural and environmentally
friendly baby and beauty products.
The Honest Company, co-founded by celebrity Jessica Alba, is well known for producing non-toxic
daily essential goods that promote wellness towards children and families.
Everything from diapers to sunscreen can be purchased through The Honest
Company, so many families today make an effort to use only these products
for their children.

Unfortunately, The Honest Company announced a voluntary
recall of its organic baby powder last week. All products undergo regular testing to guarantee high quality
and utmost safety to consumers. During one such testing of the organic
baby powder, possible contamination was detected. Microorganism species
linked to eye and skin infections were found in some batches of the baby
powder. While no official reports are known in relation to this issue,
The Honest Company voluntarily chose to recall to product just to be cautious.
The company consulted with the
FDA, who agreed that the powder warrants a

The Honest Company organic baby powder containers affected by this recall
were promoted to be a natural dusting product with probiotics. It is sold
throughout the United States in 4-ounce containers with a UPC code of
817810014529. Fortunately, no other The Honest Company products are said
to have been included in this recall.

If you’ve purchased baby powder from The Honest Company and it matches
this description, cease use immediately. Buyers have been offered a full
refund and are asked to call 1-888-688-8653 or send an email to with the subject “Baby Powder” for questions or refunds.

Promoting better health and supporting products that are eco-friendly is
fantastic, but it is important to understand these products can be affected
just like the alternatives. Johnson & Johnson has been facing legal
battles due to talcum powder injuries recently, so we can only hope this
recall is handled more quickly and efficiently so that injuries are not
sustained. In the unfortunate event of injury due to such a product defect
or recall, call Jones & Swanson at 770-427-5498 today. We have been
investigating the
Johnson & Johnson recalls and here to assist in any way we can.

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