Recovering Damages for Burn Injuries

There are many types of personal injury claims – some of the most
common being car accident and fall injuries. Essentially, any time you
are injured as a result of someone else’s negligence, an injury
lawsuit is possible. Whether or not you win that suit and the worth depends
on many factors.

One type of personal injury case not as often considered is that of burn
injuries. There are many situations in which a person could be burnt as
a result of another person’s actions, defective product, or dangerous
situation. For instance, employees on the job may come into contact with
machinery during their day-to-day work tasks. If a piece breaks and causes
a burn, that employee’s medical bills may possibly be covered by
compensation won from an injury lawsuit.

A recent news article detailed another situation where a burn injury claim
was brought against members of a college fraternity. While one member
was sleeping, others threw a fire cracker into his room – leaving
him with significant burns that required medical attention. The victim
hired a personal injury attorney who obtained a financial recovery on
his behalf.

While burn injuries can be attributed to one individual’s negligence,
it is not an easy task to win a burn claim. These types of cases depend
greatly on the circumstances of the event, availability of punitive damages,
and other specifics of the situation. Not all cases are winnable. The
easiest way to determine whether you have a case or not is to contact
an attorney for a free consultation. Explain the specifics of your case
and injuries to a professional – they’ll decide whether you
have a potential claim for damages or not.

To discuss a potential injury lawsuit with an experienced Georgia injury
lawyer today, call 770-427-5498. We are here to listen to you concerns
and provide honest and helpful feedback. If there’s any way for
us to assist you in your recovery, we’ll make sure to do so.

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