Smokeless Tobacco Recall Hits Close to Home

Popular smokeless tobacco brands Copenhagen, Cope, Husky and Skoal were
included in a product recall recently. Each brand is manufactured by U.S.
Smokeless Tobacco Company (USSTC), who announced the voluntary recall
after receiving numerous complaints from consumers.

Consumers in nearby Tennessee, North Caroline, Texas, Ohio and Wisconsin
reported noticing unidentified metal pieces within the cans. Fortunately,
all shards were noticed before use – so no injuries have been reported.
Affected cans are said to have been produced at the USSTC in Franking
Park, Illinois and were distributed nation-wide.

While most the company’s products weren’t included in the recall,
more than 40 were. A complete list can be found at If you have a can included in the recall, the company requests you not
open or use the tobacco. A refund will be provided to those who contact
USSTC. All retailers and wholesalers have been instructed to remove cans
from their inventory to return to the manufacturer.

It’s likely that all cans affected by this recall have already been
removed from shelves or otherwise identified. But in the chance that you
accidentally consumed these metal shards and experienced injuries, you
may have a claim for damages. This type of product defect could lead to
lacerations, infections, digestive issues, and more.

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