Cops and Kids Program Sponsorship

At Jones & Swanson we love when we get the opportunity to help others
in our community. Giving back is something we are always honored to do,
so we’re excited to be working with the Kids and Cops school program
again this year.

Though it’s still early in the year, the North Metro Fraternal Order
of Police has already begun prepping for its large annual community fundraisers.
The organizations’ Back to School program has a goal of assisting
children who are handicapped or less fortunate within the Cobb County
community. Many times, families and young students fall on hard times
– leading to parents finding it difficult to provide proper clothing,
school supplies, back packs and other necessities needed for school to
their children. The wonderful North Metro program aids in helping those
in need of these simple, yet necessary, items for the school year.

Another well-known program led by the North Metro Fraternal Order of Police
is the Order’s Christmas program. This community project aims to
provide warm clothing, jackets and gently used toys to those in need during
the Christmas holiday season. Last year, the organization provided Christmas
to 145 kids in need – and we’re hopeful that this year will
be even better!

The North Metro Fraternal Order of Police also provides food baskets on
Easter, Thanksgiving and Christmas to those in need. When unfortunate
evens occur and families are not able to provide general necessities for
their families, the Cops and Kids programs are there to save the day!

Jones & Swanson is a proud supporter of this organization year after
year, and 2017 is no different. We’ve made our donation –
and are now urging you to give back to your community as well. There is
no minimum donation amount and all donations go directly to helping those
in need. Visit the Cops and Kids program website at to donate.

Even if you can’t provide a monetary donation, it can be just as
rewarding to donate your time and energy to a good cause. We urge you
to partake in a charitable event this year.

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